In August 2004, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) deployed a web-based semi/fully online licensing system for its export/import trade registration and license issuing services. In 2018, MOC set to revamp the existing licensing system to become a fully online application system and to align with today’s up-to-date technology. The implementation of the upgraded version on registration and e-licensing system is to provide better services and to assist the trade-permit application; to accelerate the regional trade facilitation processes as well as to enhance the government policy in transparency and e-Government; and promote digital economy and e-Commerce systems in Myanmar. Furthermore, the upgraded application will help enabling digital environment and improving the performance of the Ministry of Commerce with the benefits of cost-effective and time-efficient for the exporters/importers and traders. The traders can now register the relevant businesses even before applying the import/export license at the Ministry of Commerce via the TradeNet2.0 online system. In general, the following application forms are available on TradeNet2.0 online system.

1. Importer/exporter registration certificate (Known as Pa-Tha-Ka);
1. Individual Trading Certificate;
2. Retail/Wholesale Registration Certificate;
3. Wine Importation Certificate;
4. Duty Free Shop Certificate;
5. Re-Export Certificate;
6. Car Importation Certificate;
7. Business Service Agency certificate;
8. Export License;
9. Import License;
10. Export Permit;
11. Import Permit.