In August 2004, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) deployed a web-based semi/fully online licensing system for its export/import trade registration and license issuing services. In 2018, MOC set to revamp the existing licensing system to become a fully online application system and to align with today’s up-to-date technology. The implementation of the upgraded version on registration and e-licensing system is to provide better services and to assist the trade-permit application; to accelerate the regional trade facilitation processes as well as to enhance the government policy in transparency and e-Government; and promote digital economy and e-Commerce systems in Myanmar. Furthermore, the upgraded application will help enabling digital environment and improving the performance of the Ministry of Commerce with the benefits of cost-effective and time-efficient for the exporters/importers and traders. The traders can now register the relevant businesses even before applying the import/export license at the Ministry of Commerce via the TradeNet2.0 online system. In general, the following application forms are available on TradeNet2.0 online system.

1. Certificate of Exporter Importer Registration (EIR Card)
2. Retail/Wholesale Registration Certificate;
3. Wine Importation Certificate;
4. Duty Free Shop Certificate;
5. Re-Export Certificate;
6. Car Importation Certificate;
7. Business Service Agency certificate;
8. Export License;
9. Import License;
10. Export Permit;
11. Import Permit.